Why Hoodsafer?

HOODSAFER hood extinguishing systems the world's first EN 17446:2021 certified systems.

With 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hood extinguishing systems, we have created the world's first and only hood extinguishing system with hydraulic activation mechanism.

With its patented and reliable technique, the safety of more than 5000 kitchens in the world and more than 1000 in Turkey is entrusted to Hoodsafer hood extinguishing systems.

Our hydraulic actuation system does not require a pressurized equipment like cartridge etc.

It detects fire fully mechanically and extinguishes it.

It has proven its performance and quality in the field with "0" error in approximately 240 kitchen fires worldwide (according to 2023 dealer data).

​Finally , Europe has the standard for kitchen fire suppression! Worldwide, there has been an increase in fires caused by grease in kitchen equipment in direct proportion to the increasing number of restaurants after the 1960s.Grease appliances or hoods that are not cleaned periodically increase the risk of fire in the kitchen.According to the fire statistics published by the NFPA every year , 58% of fires in hotels and motels occur in kitchens. Although the loss of life is small, very serious financial losses occur. 80% of the companies damaged by the fire in the kitchen have to terminate their activities immediately or within 18 months. Until 2021, there was no standard for fire protection of kitchens in Europe.In 2021, as a result of the European Committee for Standardization's joint work with BSI (British Standards Institution) and Johnson Controls, the EN 17446:2021 standard entered into force. This standard has become valid and mandatory throughout Europe after February 2022.

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